Welsh company takes employees on free vacation for working during pandemic

  • Firm plans to take its employees on long weekend holiday.
  • Firm is going to spend more than £100,000 on four-day break.
  • Chief commercial officer appreciates workers’ dedication throughout pandemic.

A recruitment company in Cardiff, Wales, is going to please its workers by granting them an all-inclusive break at a hotel in Tenerife this April as a gesture of “gratitude” for working during the pandemic. 

In the four-day break, the firm will be spending more than £100,000.

Last year became the most profitable time for the company, though the pandemic had seen it go through its hardest time in 2020, BBC reported.

Chief commercial officer Pavan Arora said: “2020 was a really tough time on our whole industry — we went from the jobs market being put on hold to going into overdrive.

“Our staff have been on a journey, from going to remote working to hybrid back to remote… so we just wanted to put our arms around everyone and say thank you for the last two years.”

Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed recent figures which present that there were 1.17 million job openings in October 2021 — almost 400,000 higher than before the pandemic and about 2.2 million people started a new job between July and September last year.

“It’s employee care and we want to make sure everyone feels appreciated for the hard work they’ve done over the past two years,” Arora added.

“Everyone will set off on first April and supposedly the holiday will be a long weekend.”


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