How to get MTag for M2 Motorway


The M-Tag has been made mandatory to travel on M2 Motorway (Lahore to Islamabad) from 7 December 2021, and here you will find details on ‘How to get MTag for M-2 Motorway?’ and ‘How to recharge your MTag? so that you can travel on the M-2 Motorway after 7 December 2021


The decision has been made in order to reduce long queues of vehicles at the M2 Motorway Toll Plaza and curb the resulting air pollution from vehicles. Go through the post and learn how to get M-Tag for your vehicle without any hassle

How to get MTag for M2 Motorway?

The easiest way to get MTag for your vehicle is to head to the M2 Motorway Toll Plaza and visit the M-Tag issuance booth that are installed at the side of the Toll Plaza.

Required Documents For M-TAG

  • CNIC
  • Vehicle Registration Book
  • Driving License
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UPDATE – Bring your CNIC and get your M-Tag!

The National Highway and Motorway Police (NHMP) has stated that now you only require your CNIC to get your MTAG. However, the citizen needs to be fully vaccinated in order to get the MTAG

Bring your CNIC and get your M-Tag!
Bring your CNIC and get your M-Tag!

What is the cost of MTag registration?

There is no cost of MTag registration and you will not be charged any amount by the motorway police. Furthermore, there is no requirement of minimum balance either.

How to install MTag on vehicle?

The M-Tag Registration Sticker needs to be installed on top of the windshield preferably on the right corner. Please note that the M-Tag Sticker needs to be installed inside of the windscreen and not on the outside.

How to check MTag ID?

To check your M-Tag ID, send an SMS with “MTAG <space> CNIC Number” to 9909.

How to recharge MTag?

There are several options to recharge your MTag, including Scratch Card Recharge, Jazz Cash, EasyPaisa, UPaisa, and M-2 Drive Customer Care Centers.

Scratch Card Recharge

You recharge your MTag through Scratch Cards of Rs. 200 to Rs. 5000, which are available from entry and exit points as well as service areas along the motorway.

To recharge your M-Tag account using Scratch Card send an SMS with “Card Number <space> M-Tag ID” to 9909.

Jazz Cash, EasyPaisa, and UPaisa

You can also recharge your M-Tag using Mobile Banking Apps of Jazz Cash, EasyPaisa, and UPaisa or by visiting any of their merchants.

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MTag Option in Jazz Cash

M-2 Customer Care Centers

You can also get your MTag recharged through Customer Care Centers on Motorway.

How to check MTag balance?

You can check your MTag balance by sending an SMS with “Balance <space> MTAG ID” to 9909.

Government Notification

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